Our Services

We offer a complete scaffolding construction service.

Modular Scaffolding

The use of Modular scaffolding is best suited for some residential projects and for most commercial and industrial projects. This type of scaffolding offers a more flexible solution to the more complicated access requirements of these types of projects.

Frame Scaffolding

The use of ‘A’ Frames scaffolding is best suited for most residential projects and offers very cost effective solution to access requirements throughout the construction phases.

Tube & Fitting

The use of Tube & Fitting scaffolding is best suited for the home improvement construction projects that require a specialised and customisable configuration. Typically, they also have additional access requirements such as ramps and loading platforms.


We supply both types of hoists (Cable or Rack & Pinion Hoists) which are used to convey materials from the ground floor. They can also can be set up progressively and provide access to multiple levels on a multi-storey construction site.

Bin Chutes

We supply and fit suitable bin chutes to cater for the safe and effective disposal of rubbish from upper levels down to a skip bin.

Stair Access

We supply and fit a modular stair access that is suitable for safe and efficient egress to all building levels and/or working decks.

Portable Toilets

We supply and service chemical and sewer connect toilets and will help find you a package that best suits your project.

Site Sheds

We supply good quality site sheds to suit your temporary storage solution for various building materials during the construction phase.

Skip Bins

Our skip bins range from 2 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters and suited for the disposal of unwanted and/or discarded construction material.

Portable Scaffolding

Portable scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that is designed to be easily moved and assembled. It is often used for construction and repair projects where access to a higher level is needed. The main advantage of portable scaffolding over traditional scaffolding is that it can be quickly set up and taken down, making it ideal for projects where time is a factor.